In the birth of a Parmigiani watch, the attention to detail and precision engineering starts with the smallest elements. Already well regarded as a supplier of machinery and micro-components for the watch industry since its founding, Elwin, headquartered in Moutier in the Canton of Berne, became part of Parmigiani’s watchmaking hub in 2001. Once the sole supplier of certain machines to watch industry clients, the firm since 1990 has concentrated its efforts on micro-components such as screws, using an array of traditional cam-driven machines as well as modern computerized ones, the oldest such device dating to 1818. Elwin is distinguished from other such factories by several factors, including its policy of a single engineer overseeing all stages of a product’s process, from conception to quality control. Its current building, erected in 2009, was engineered to run its machines, now numbering a total of 33, on geothermal energy. Elwin, which makes screws from materials from steel to brass to gold, is also renowned for its prowess in constructing machines for bar turning and in developing software programs to guide them.