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Les Artisans Boitiers
The elegant curves and exquisite finishing of a Parmigiani watch case, such as those created for the iconic Tonda and Toric collections, are among the Fleurier manufacture’s most emblematic identifiers. Designing, perfecting, and building these cases are the responsibilities of Les Artisans Boitiers (LAB), a prestigious heritage firm based in the watchmaking town of La Chaux-de-Fonds and added to the Watchmaking Centre in 2000. While serving as Parmigiani Fleurier’s in-house case-making workshop is LAB’s primary mission, its expertise has been sought out by the watch industry’s top tier firms and the company also plies its trade for luxury watchmaking clients in Switzerland and elsewhere. The company handles the creation of high-end housings from A to Z, Cutting-edge technology reigns at the start of the process, with CAD software that designs each case in 3D on a computer screen and digitally controlled CNC machines that precisely cut and refine each case component. The human touch then carries each case to the end of its journey, with master craftsmen whose expertly trained hands supply the soldering, filing, and other final stages that make each finished case a work of art, and one worthy of the technically complex and aesthetically superior engines that will be housed inside it.
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